Flea Fairs Most

Most flea-fairs take place every Saturday 5:30 – 12 a.m. in area  TJ BANÍK SOUS MOST, Zdenka Fibicha 282.


You can sell or buy here used and new goods (commodity, goods inferior quality, total sellouts, second-hand, grower, economic surplus products, tyres, spares, electronics, antiquities, and so on) Sellers with new goods are obliged to have Trade Certificate, by sale of your used goods you don’t need your Trade Certificate. Parking for visitors is free straight in this area. 

We are looking forward to your visit. 

Terms of the flea fair – Most 
TJ Baník SOUS Most, Zdenka Fibicha 282

 JANUARY  Saturdays    JULY  Saturdays
 FEBRUARY  Saturdays  AUGUST  Saturdays
 MARCH  Saturdays  SEPTEMBER  Saturdays
 APRIL  Saturdays  OCTOBER  Saturdays
 MAY  Saturdays  NOVEMBER  Saturdays
 JUNE  Saturdays  DECEMBER  Saturdays


Entrance for sellers and visitors 5:30 – 12 a.m. 


VISITORS – 20,- CZK (childern till 15 years free)
SELLERS – 150,- CZK (1 table 2,5 x 0,5 m)